Challenge Accepted!

Getting Real with Reality

We all know someone who is struggling with a longstanding issue, and WE can clearly see that it’s something that has a fairly simple solution. We can’t understand how this intelligent, capable person doesn’t recognize the truth and just take the steps to free themselves from an ongoing situation that is creating so much stress in their lives.

But if we’re honest - we all have these areas where we’re just not seeing the situation for what it is, and our attempts to resolve the issue only work for a short time, and may actually lead to things getting worse in the long run.

This course is for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their lives, to see reality for what it is, without any stories, excuses or justifications, and then formulate and build their best lives, using a unique model of reality and choice that I and others have tested and used successfully – a model that enables small and large life challenges to be accepted, embraced and transcended.

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