Move from Struggle to Strength
& Align Your Energy with Purpose

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” This could well be the most common deathbed regret of all. There are powerful forces, both within us and in the world we live in, that prevent us from living an authentic life, and we consequently find ourselves in an endless state of struggle. Also, we are often out of touch with our true desires and may spend a lifetime in pursuit of what society and other people tell us what we should want, rather than what we truly desire.

The root cause of struggle is resisting what you believe to be your reality and investing energy in trying to get rid of something you fear or hate. This may work on a superficial level, but as often as not, those unwanted aspects of reality show up again and again. It’s as if you’re investing a lot of effort to keep something under the surface of a pool of water, and the minute you relax your hold, it slips away from you and surfaces again.

 If you’re ready to leave the struggle behind and try something different, this course provides a fresh perspective and a clear road-map allowing you to bypass the inner and outer forces that trap your energy in endless loops of frustration and vacillation, and to start living with strength and purpose.

 And since happiness is one by-product of living a life of purpose, you will also be able to tap into joy consistently and avoid another one of those top deathbed regrets, “I wish I’d let myself be happier.”

 Your true life is worth living. Be Undantable and reclaim your life.

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