Using the Power of Storytelling as a Solopreneur

Support of solopreneurship and small business ownership is key to the health of a free, democratic society.  Recent years have placed serious limitations on our choice to earn a livelihood on our own terms, and yet this very circumstance can be used to propel us forward.

We can survive this period and even thrive if we capture the hearts and loyalty of our community – the people we serve as solopreneurs – and the best way to do so is by using the power of storytelling to market our ethical businesses.   

However, much of the information about storytelling for business is geared towards larger businesses and corporations, and does not maximize our unique strengths as solopreneurs.

I have studied business storytelling for many years, and have adapted it to better suit the needs and goals of us solopreneurs and small business owners.

In a few online meetings with me, you will

  1. Clarify your message

  2. Demystify the art of business storytelling

  3. Create a 90-day content calendar