The Power of Business Storytelling

You’re selling, selling, selling, but nobody seems to care!

As a solopreneur or small business owner you're up against daunting odds. Compared to competitors, your resources may be spread too thin, leading to discouragement and self-doubt. But you absolutely can flip things around by using content and copy to communicate powerfully with your community of ideal customers – the people you serve. How? By using story and storytelling to connect intentionally with the right audience, and to market your business for what I call a “syn-win.”* You level out the playing field when you use storytelling to tell and sell.  

You may have studied this area. You may have read a whole lot of books and taken a whole lot of courses. I did that - but I found that the information about business storytelling is confusing and overwhelming. This expert says this. That expert says something entirely different. How to make sense of it all? On the other hand, you may know very little about this topic, if anything.

Either way, there is an answer. I sifted through the approaches and information and have created a simple roadmap that is aligned with individualized content and copy goals and needs.

*Syn-Win is short for synergistic win. It goes beyond win-win. Both parties not only win, but thrive with the partnership. It gets you back your mojo. Learn the magic of using the Syn-Win model and the Story-Satori method.


Done for You or Done with You
If writing is not your thing, choose Done for You.
If you like to write, choose Done with You

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