Juggling or Dropping the Ball?


As a business owner you have to juggle a lot of stuff, and you know you’ll sometimes drop a ball or two. No big deal. But some balls are too important to drop.
Good written content is one of them.


You’ve done your homework. You know, bottom-line, that targeted writing is one of the core factors separating a so-so business from a successful one. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if words aren’t doing their job:

  • on your website

  • in your brochures

  • in your e-book (and if you haven’t written one yet, it’s time to get started)

  • in your other publications

  • in your general marketing

you’re letting the ball drop. Sure, you’ve been meaning to get to it, but seriously, how many balls can you keep up in the air?


Sometimes you’ve got to toss the ball to someone else. Even if you’re a solopreneur, business is a team game, and this game is too important to lose. If you pass the ball to me, I’d love to help you find the right words to create the change you envision in your business. Finding the right words in any given context means writing in the right style for the message, while following proven rules to engage your audience. Good writing is a combination of know-how and talent, and I’ve put in the time and effort to acquire a toolkit of effective techniques and practices.


I’ve always loved words. For over 50 years I’ve been fascinated with how story and words are used to create change (cognitive psychology, NLP, the Karpman drama triangle and other related disciplines). As an author, editor, writer, translator and workshop leader, I was having difficulty branding myself, so I decided to learn as much as I could about branding. My search led me to business storytelling and I immediately got hooked. Since early 2017, I’ve been on a quest to master business storytelling.


After a while I realized that as fascinating as storytelling is, it's only one facet of getting the message across. So I started studying marketing in general and copywriting in particular. Words were life’s gift to me. But I’ve worked hard to master the craft.  


If you already have a well-though-out marketing strategy, I’ll craft the content to get your message across. If you still unclear about what you should be saying, to whom and why, I’ll help you get to clarity, find your audience and the perfect message to reach it. If you've always dreamed of writing your book, I'll help you write it and establish yourself as a leader in your field.


Can you really afford to keep juggling? Even solopreneurs need a team. Toss the content ball to me, and together let’s hit the winning homerun for your business.


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