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I’m an author, blogger, course creator and guide who prioritizes the cultivation of my inner calm in today’s complex world, and I help others cultivate inner calm as well – so we can live on purpose.
I work best with women, especially sage-ing women, to guide them in crafting and living a soul-satisfying “third act” – by alchemizing what went before and what’s happening now to align with their purpose and power, using my Tri-Alignment model, mindfulness practices and other simple tools.
My guiding principle is simplifying and then simplifying some more. Get rid of inner and outer clutter and discover your calm center,
wherein lies your life compass.  

You’re a wise changemaker – your circle, and indeed the world, needs your calm and creative energy to balance it and move it to wellness and harmony.


What I offer:

- Books

- Online course

- Tools for insight and inner calm on my blog

- Zoom conversations



Happy to chat and answer any questions!


July 2018


Tully is highly dissatisfied with his room at home and with life in general. He’s tired of being treated like a child. Being proactive, he finds what he thinks is a brilliant solution to his problems. But surprisingly, instead of things getting better, they rapidly get worse, and just when he’s sure nothing more can go wrong, everything really starts falling apart. Tully is cast into a nightmarish situation where his whole life is overrun by pesky Pellmells. What or who are the Pellmells? Why does Tully dislike them so much? It’s not surprising you don’t know. Not many people know about the Pellmells, which is why it’s a good idea to read this book and find out.


I wrote this book a very long time ago – when my children were still young, but I misplaced the draft (I only had a hard copy at the time), and eventually forgot about it. A couple of years ago, I found the manuscript for “Tully and the Pellmells” thrust into another folder at the back of a drawer. I took it to a local coffee shop to read, and found myself laughing out loud at the absurdities of the story. I knew the whole thing needed to be rewritten, so I took a workshop for writing children’s book and revised the entire text. Then I had it illustrated. It’s been a bumpy ride, mainly because I didn’t know a whole lot about publishing an illustrated children’s book, and had to learn a lot along the way, but I’m glad to say it’s finally out.

About Me

My Story

I was born and raised in India, moved to Israel in 1980 and have been living here ever since. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, and writing in one form or another has always been part of my life, helping me cope with a challenging life. After experiencing the loss of a child in 2009, I once more turned for comfort to this channel and wrote my first novel, “Community of Ones.” Over the years, I have helped others navigate the complexities of life, based on my unique Tri-Alignment model.

More recently, my son Shaul Smith asked for my help in illustrating his children's book, "The Historical Adventures of Yehuda and Tuti: Maccabean to Herodian Period." Had the request come from almost anyone else, I would have refused - but I'm glad I accepted, because the process was so much fun that I'm exploring this side of my creativity further, to see where it leads. In 2018, I wrote and published my lighthearted children’s book, “Tully and the Pellmells.” During the Pandemic, I felt the need to create and publish my online course "Undauntable." All my creative ventures have taught me that you don't have to be a genius at anything to start doing it, you just have to believe in its importance and be willing to learn.

Want to know more about me than most people know? 

1.     Although my family spoke English at home, I studied in a Marathi-language school till the second grade and spent my first school years in a fog, which caused me to develop a rich inner life.

2.     I owe my love of language to a very talented tutor who had me read a book a week to help me catch up in school, and I  never stopped the habit.

3.     I owe my perfect English to the British nuns who ran St. Mary's School. We were encouraged to read the classics (British of-course ;-)) and heaven help us if we checked out an Enid Blyton from the library!

4.     I have a master’s degree in French, but have forgotten most of it and can no longer converse in French.

5.     I was born in Madras, grew up in Mumbai, went to boarding school in Pune, got my MA from JNU New Delhi, and have never seen the Taj Mahal. 


Final Cover-Front.jpg


This book tracks one woman’s journey from hopelessness to healing, exploring the many existential, emotional, intellectual and spiritual questions and dilemmas that arise in the wake of devastating loss.




Although this is a lighthearted children's book, it will strike a chord with readers of all ages, because we're all struggling with Pellmells that infiltrate our lives! Calling in the terminator won't get rid of these cheeky devils. What does work? 
Read more to find out...

Books Section

Story is powerful. Much of what we perceive as reality is nothing more than a web of the personal and cultural stories we believe and then perpetuate. We live in the illusion of story, and are lost in it. Being fully human means becoming a storyteller instead of playing out the characters in our unexamined personal and cultural stories. Ultimately, it means stepping out of story altogether.

- Leona Samson

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